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Faster to form and perfection

For the impatient among designers and modellers, the continuous improvers and forward thinkers we created a new kind of studio system. Made for creative people who want to reach their full potential in automotive design development.  

DT Robot with clay model

More time for what really counts: your design

What guarantees ongoing, new and exciting projects in a design studio? A superbly designed car that sells well. Milling is not creative, but it helps you to give physical shape to ideas produced on computer. It allows you to ‘feel’ and really understand those ideas. So milling cycles should take place as fast as possible - to get you back to what is really important: your hands and minds on the design.  


feedrates up to 40m/min in both rough and fine cut modes - and still produce a great milling result


with our 7kW spindle we cut as deep as 50mm into the clay - and even with deeper cuts this machine won´t stop


beside milling speed that gives you more time to work on your model, we also give you further tools to aid your creative process: how about scribing, fast on-machine scanning or augmented reality projection?

Take a look at the video above and see with your own eyes the speed and performance of DT Mill. (FYI: the F value shown in the top left corner of the control panel shows the speed of the machine – you can see in most of our videos on our YouTube channel that it goes up to 40,000 mm/min – impressive, right?)  


A new way of form-finding: 

  • More time for creative processes  
  • Shorter iteration loops and faster optimization throughout the whole design process  
  • More possibilities for studios with customizable solutions and upgradeable systems  
  • Maximum power in a compact design  
  • Precise milling of clay in the studio with unprecedented speed

Measuring & Scribing

Measuring and Scribing are basic and traditional tasks in the studio - of course RA Mill and DT Robot cover them.


Milling is Wenzel DesignTec’s core competence - our machines deliver unbeatable performance.


Scanning is the link between traditional manual modelling and the digital world. Wenzel DesignTec strengthens creative manual modelling by giving easy, fast scanning directly in the hands of modelers. 

More to come

DT Robot is not only a milling machine - it´s more than this: it is a solid and future-proof base to carry future model building applications.

Curious to learn more about easy, fast scanning? Watch the video above and see the proof. 


About WENZEL DesignTec

The team behind Wenzel DesignTec has been developing solutions for the exotic field of clay modelling since 2001. Their experience in design and engineering, as well as the deep practical understanding of processes in form-finding in combination with strengths of flexible and high-quality manufacturing, highest reputation service, and global sales and support network leads to a combination that will surely be appreciated by a lot of customers. WENZEL DesignTec wants to supply design studios with focused expertise and the most capable machines in the industry.  

  • Holistic lifecycle service with global presence
  • Decades of technological competence 
  • Continuous development of the design process 
  • Comprehensive training concepts
  • Value retention of your studio machine  


WENZEL DesignTec Portfolio

DT Mill frei

DT Mill

  •  Milling machine base
  •  5-axis
  •  Linear motion in X&Y, Ballscrew in Z 
  •  Milling speed up to 40m/min
  •  Spindle 7kW, 16.000rpm, HSK63, liquid cooled
  •  High performance FIDIA milling control
  •  2600mm Z milling box
  •  Scanning available
DT Robot

DT Robot

  •  Milling machine base
  •  5-axis
  •  Linear motion in X&Y, Ballscrew in Z
  •  Milling speed up to 40m/min
  •  Spindle 1kW, 18.000rpm, HSK32
  •  BoschRexroth IndraMotion saftey integrated "milling&more“ control
  •  2100mm Z milling box
  •  Multi-module head
RA Mill

RA Mill

  •  Measuring machine base
  •  3+2-axis
  •  Bar-drive/friction-wheel drives in X,Y,Z
  •  Milling speed up to 9m/min
  •  Spindle 0,2kW, 8.500rpm, HSK32
  •  disengageable drives for manual movement
  •  2100mm Z milling box
  •  5-sided cube